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Team Coaching


We work with small- to medium-sized businesses that are driven and committed to identifying their challenges and creating actionable strategies to create healthy business environments. The ultimate goal of our team coaching is to equip company leaders with the skills needed to empower them to address issues in their own organizations so that they have a clear path to success.


Leadership Training

Spark will meet with senior-level leaders, evaluate the current state, and create a 90-day Progress Plan based on immediate and long-term needs and desired outcomes.

Topics include:
• Time Management – Priorities
• Roles, Responsibilities, Team Integration
• Communication Strategies
• Accountability and Culture
• Vision – Personal and Shared
• Using Conflict to Grow
• Share insights, progress & solidify vision
• Tools for Making It Stick: focusing on implementation, tracking and utilizing concepts within teams

Presentations/Speaking Engagements

We are also available for presentations on specific topics. An efficient, effective and cost-effective way to bring your team on-board with specific skills and/or behavior shifts. Presentations typically last between 30 minutes and three hours and range in price from $150 to $500, plus travel if required.

Topics include:
• Time Management
• Company Culture
• Effective Communication
• Team Integration
• Accountability
• Principles of Leadership
• Finding Your Purpose
• Custom Topics


Effective coaches make no assumptions about what the client needs to function successfully. Instead, they work from the client’s agenda to help the client accelerate the development of the insight needed to deliver the desired change. Self-reliance, and not dependency, is the goal.


Individual Coaching


Business leaders who seek clarity, guidance and a plan to reach success in their personal and professional lives can benefit from our individual coaching. Our work with clients is guided by their individual needs and goals. We then craft a custom plan to help them achieve those goals.


Sparkler package

Over the course of three sessions, we work with you to meet challenges head-on and create a plan. We will support you during implementation to provide accountability and drive success. Sessions are conducted in person or via phone/video chat.

•Identify challenge
•Create and implement a plan
• Three 1 ½- to 2-hour sessions
• Cost: $800


Rocket package

Our most complete package for individual business leaders is designed to make you a more confident and effective leader. In addition to identifying challenges, developing strategies and creating a plan, the Rocket Package also offers weekly accountability check-ins and email support between sessions. Live your dream. Be a confident leader. Love your life!

• In-depth personal and professional analysis
• Plan development and implementation
• Weekly check-ins and support
• 12 1 ½- to 2-hour sessions
• Cost: $2,800

Ignite Package

Tackle major roadblocks, develop strategies for moving through fears, create your vision and define the steps to get there. We will guide you through the process, motivate you to push through hurdles and provide accountability.

• Develop strategies
• Create a vision
• Define steps to success
• Six 1 ½- to 2-hour sessions
• Cost: $1,500



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