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Kiki Huls

Kiki Huls is a professional business consultant based in Bozeman, Montana. After successful careers in journalism and business, she launched Spark Leadership with a desire to help people overcome frustrations, conflicts and struggles in their personal and professional lives. Inquisitive by nature, Kiki uses her skills to understand what motivates and challenges her clients in order to guide them to craft solutions, resulting in thriving businesses that employ happy people.

Spark Leadership focuses on consulting business leaders and teams. Kiki has found that interpersonal communication is almost always the most challenging part of being a leader or business owner. Assembling and motivating a team, managing conflict and fostering cohesion are essential skills for growth and long-term success. By working closely with committed leaders, Kiki can quickly identify and enhance specific areas, giving them the confidence to lead with compassion and authority. A team thrives under great leadership. Team members are empowered when they can use their creativity and talents to serve the customer. Good leadership spreads out in waves.



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Journalism, Cum Laude, 1987-1993

Certified Coach, General Coaching, 2012-2013

Affiliations & Qualifications

• Certified by ICA as a professional business and personal coach
• Certified by High Caliber Coaching as Master Coach
• *Track record of igniting potential – see case studies


Case Studies

Single Owner Company

Dual-owner company

siNGle owner company

Single-owner service company with weak leadership and poor processes, experiencing inefficiencies, poor communication with customers and no team cohesion. We worked with the owner one-on-one to gain a new perspective on and confidence in his role. We worked with the team to identify problems, create solutions and build trust.

Result: more effective leadership, improved teamwork and better profits.

Dual-owner service agency. Partners were experiencing mistrust, strained communication and lacked a unifying vision and goals. Neither partner was happy with the state of their venture, and both were on the brink of leaving or dissolving the company. We worked with both partners to set personal and company goals, to identify beliefs and attitudes underlying the mistrust, and to set new standards of interaction with each other and the team. We worked on growth goals and outlined action items and benchmarks.

Result: the company experienced 100% growth in the year after initiating consulting. The company continues to grow and increase profitability using the structures and processes developed. The partners are in sync on vision, goals, culture, roles, etc. They have the skills to communicate effectively when conflict arises and enjoy a high level of trust and mutual confidence. Spark continues to work with the partners and their team to support and enhance the gains made.

Single-owner décor shop. Owner wanted to step back from daily operations. We worked with the owner one-on-one to outline his role to build and support the team and to hone listening and feedback skills. We worked with the team to identify weaknesses, find solutions and build trust and team cohesion.

Result: the owner was able to confidently step back from the day-to-day operation, pursue other interests, take vacations and spend more time with his family.



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